I'm a 20 year old full-stack developer (as well as a typography-enthusiast) living in Colorado Springs, Colorado who absolutely loves this shade of purple.

I currently work at a family-owned pizza shop, and Sloths Need Trees as a web developer.

Language Experience

PHP7 years Python3 year CSS8 years
JavaScript5 years SQL4 years HTML8 years

Library Experience

jQuery5 years Bootstrap4 years FontAwesome4 years
Jinja21 year Node<1 year Flask<1 year

Work Experience LinkedIn


Imprimis, Inc. | December 2014 - June 2016

Developed initial prototypes for numerous projects.
Designed and carried out testing for developed software across several environments.
Analyzed and reported on software exploit data available and its potential usage.

Web Developer, Project Manager

Cinyras, LLC. | Aug 2013 - current

Dealt directly with major clients at the beginning and throughout projects.
Managed a team of developers, artists, and administrators throughout both brief, and lengthy projects.
Led, and participated in the development of an entire CMS.

Web Developer

CapitalCheats | February 2015 - June 2015

Created and implemented software for managing users and licenses, as well as 3rd-party licensing systems.
Established, maintained, analyzed, and optimized servers running Linux.

CEO, Co-Founder

Fractal Noise: Design Studio | March 2013 - May 2014

Spearheaded the acquisition of new major clients.
Managed all employees, namely managers.
Monitored current status of mission-critical projects.
Responsible for employing new team members.
Dealt directly with all board members especially regarding policy and leadership.

Web Developer

MineWorld | February 2014 - May 2014

Developed a reactive back-end capable of handling all input types, including dealing with attacks.
Created complete documentation sufficient for a new developer to understand all parts of the software.

Web Developer

Tough Concrete | February 2014 - March 2014

Developed CMS, complete with portfolio, contact form, and admin back-end with project management, content management, display settings, and analytics
Designed MySQL databases with administration panel with back-ups, cleaning tools, and powerful search tools.

Graphic Designer, Web Developer

SamTracks | August 2013 - February 2014

Designed vector logo.
Designed square, and banner ads.
Designed and developed website, including back-end for updating content.

Senior Graphic Designer, Web Developer

Plex Productions | February 2013 - June 2013

Led several designers in creation of ads, game artwork, and logos.
Designed MySQL databases with a front-end for management.
Developed website with dynamic pages, blogs, comments, users and profiles, and a back-end to manage it all.

Graphic Designer, Web Developer

Recalcitrant Games | November 2012 - May 2013

Designed their logo.
Designed and partially developed website with dynamic pages, contents, users and profiles, and a back-end to manage it all.
Participated in the development of a RESTful API in PHP to be connected to from their games for authentication of users, and relevant news.
Participated in the design of a MySQL database, with a front-end for cleaning and management.


How I got here

In the October of 2011 I was looking for help with plugins for a Minecraft (Bukkit) server, which I was trying to host off of my home desktop. A nice guy replied, answering my question and giving me his contact information if I had anymore. I quickly added zekesonxx on Skype, and voice-called him.

I eventually discovered it didn't make much sense to host my own server, and scrapped it. But, I had seen zekesonxx's site, and had gotten curious, wondering if I could have a site on the cheap.

I asked him what all it took, and he pointed me to to learn HTML, and set me up a portion of his site to use as my own.

I quickly got to the point where I thought I just had to have my own domain, and I purchased, hoping to become a team at some point. I also eventually scrapped that, thinking that ZbeeDEV was a stupid name, and instead purchased as a personal domain.

By this point I had only ever tampered with PHP, and thought it was stupid; However, I wanted a control panel, and zekesonxx wanted me to build it myself. So, I got to learning PHP, with a LOT of help and guidance from him.

The control panel was eventually built, mainly by zekesonxx, and was the pride of "my" creations. It was then that I wanted to make things like this for other people, thinking it was a breeze.

Once I added on to the control panel, making it my own, I learned that it wasn't as easy as zekesonxx made it look, and started investing more time in learning PHP and MySQL.

I started putting up the themes I used for a while up on my site as downloads. I quickly came to learn that they were not as fabulous as I thought they were. Which was my motivation to improve. Time and time again I was informed that my designs weren't good, but at the same time I kept getting a request every now and then to design a site, so I felt validated and kept "honing my skills".

I eventually actually got decent, and decided I was probably a better web developer. So, I switched my focus back to that, and spawned Shrink-a-Link because I wanted a personal link-shrinker and couldn't find an open-source/free one out there to build off of, and also Zebra (which was a glorified string-generator) because I figured that I should take on a more complex project, even if it wasn't used by anyone or even readable by another developer.

In march of 2014 I also banded together with some designers I met when I started going to school at Colorado Springs Early Colleges and formed a little team which would end up becoming Cinyras, a web development and design company. In the following months I hired another developer, many more designers, and an Information Security Specialist all to help me provide websites quickly, and cheaply to clients.

And that's basically where I am today. Somewhere in there I picked up a like for game development and a desire to host websites, but that's besides the point; I want to be able to develop a site from top to bottom, totally based on my own resources.

I have no idea how I came up with "Zbee" though, that's ridiculous. I don't even like some of those letters.